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Situated in the far northwestern part of British Columbia on the shores of Atlin Lake which is the province's largest natural lake, it is truly a hidden jewel; a quiet, isolated, and peaceful community worlds away from the hustle and...

The Connected Care Challenge is focused on shaping innovative solutions for providing care to individuals and families. Participants are encouraged to sign up as teams that collaborate across disciplines to create concept prototypes that address any of the challenges in «providing and delivering care for audiences across all altinn. Participants will be asked to ideate, design and altinn prototypes that use data sets, public APIs and Altinn. Throughout the event, coaching and break-out sessions give participants the support and advice they need and allow them to learn something new. This...

In this article After your company has in the ID-porten web portal, complete the following altinn. These tasks altinn prepare your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance environment to interoperate with ID-porten and Altinn web services to submit value-added tax VAT returns. For more information about how to enable TLS 1. Import and set up ER configurations Import the following ER configurations to altinn Finance to generate VAT return formats that are valid for periods that start on January 1, 2022, in Norway, and to prepare it to interoperate with ID-porten and...

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