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Yōko Maki (actress)

Maki Sonomura

Maki'la has been living on the streets of the Congolese capital for a long time. She spends most of her time with a group of young criminals, who use the street as a stage to display their m. Maki'la has...


Produced and distributed byit is based on the story of the. The film stars as Genba Tawaraboshi, along with,, and. Chūshingura: Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki was released theatrically in Japan on 3 November 1962. It was released under the title 47 Samurai in the United States. He film maki appointed the protocol official to instruct Asano in the ceremonies. Kira is instructed to take notice of this and decides to teach the young Asano a lesson in manners and customs by withholding commonly expected courtesies to rebuke him....


The new video recreates a fight from the series' Kyoto Goodwill Event arc, which pitted the students of Tokyo's Jujutsu High against the sorcerers-in-training from the establishment's sister school in Kyoto. The fan film focuses on one of the highlights from that arc, the battle between Tokyo's cursed weapon specialist Maki Zenin and the Kyoto school's speedy swordswoman Kasumi Miwa. The short movie was directed by Nik Shaw and Yoshi Sudarso, and stars Hana Wu as Maki and Julie Zhan as "Useless" Miwa. The film was shot and around film...

MAKI, a Naghmeh Shirkhan film

Her husband treats his wife badly and likes to get high or drunk with his film maki. Acha also has to live in the streets because she's an orphan. On location she established a "special friendship" with some street children who told her their lives. Therefore she wanted her film debut to "pay homage to them". She borrowed money from her family and hired mainly unexperienced young actors. Before they started filming they had rehearsals for several months. During the shooting in the streets of Kinhasa the inhabitants were very...

Maki (2018)

In school, she wears the uniform and her mirror compact. In the Persona 2 duology, she has a pixie shaped hair cut like her mother, a white coat with gray intersecting lines over a gray shirt and skirt, film maki leggings and white boots. InTrish describes her as a 20-year-old woman with a beauty mark near her mouth. Since Maki was hospitalized, she expressed envy towards those who could go to school and have fun with friends; as a result of 's experimentation, her whole self was splintered into several...


Maki and Tommy can no longer conceal their hidden affair once they learn she's pregnant with his child. Their charismatic and persuasive boss, Mika, steps in and takes control. I wanted to film maki themes of love and loss, power and manipulation through a new lens and I found ample inspiration in the Japanese Diaspora. These characters left Japan seeking change, but the deeper human need for belonging threw them back together in the Japanese subculture of New York City. The possibilities for dramatic tension captured my imagination and the...

Jujutsu Kaisen Fan Film Recreates Maki and Miwa's Epic Brawl

Her film career sprung when she received a role as Aya in the highly modernized of the Japanese vengeance film later re-titled as The Princess Blade. Maki later began performing on stage in the 2002 play Cross. In November 2008, Maki announced that she had married a 26-year-old man not in the Japanese entertainment industry. She also announced that she is pregnant. Retrieved March 21, 2010. Retrieved February 13, 2021. Retrieved October 2, 2021. Retrieved August 31, 2021. Retrieved October 21, 2021. Retrieved March 19, 2021.

Maki'la (2018)


Chūshingura: Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki

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